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Essays, columns and nature writing 


How the climate change conversation leaves out rural women Bustle

Coastal Job: Marine animal movement expert Hakai Magazine

Coastal Job: Seafood inspector  Hakai Magazine

How Stella's scars in 'Five Feet Apart' helped me to embrace my own  Bustle

Into the devil's sink  State of Water

Seeking Marjorie Medium


Aquarium fish, hold the cyanide  Hakai Magazine 

Initiative seeks to scan Kenya's unexplored fossil trove The Scientist 

Asteroid origins Explore Magazine

Water story Knight Lab

Reported articles 

Losing Ground Scientific American, January 2021 (print)

Storm-surfing Parasites Scientific American, November 2020 (print)

Perpetual Fertility Scientific American, July 2020 (print)

Cold War satellites inadvertently track species decline Science Magazine 

The most innovative birds stand the best chance of survival Audubon Magazine 

Humans drove the only native U.S. parrot extinct Audubon Magazine

This amber-encased beetle may have been one of the first insects to pollinate flowers  Science Magazine

How flies land upside-down Science Magazine

Genetic 'road map' reveals lost birthplace of a 150-year-old butterfly Science Magazine

Q&A with science journalist and author Hugh Aldersey-Williams WUFT


Public interest features for University of Florida News 2016-2018

Space plants

Together for turtles

How can cities reduce gun violence?

Sunken treasure

Shifting sands

Becoming visible: Three women shattering stereotypes in science

Haiti reimagined 


Short science and health articles for University of Florida News 2016-2018

Black holes' magnetism surprisingly wimpy 

How did primate brains get so big?

Moths shed light on how to hide from enemy sonar

Relationship advice from a gender-changing fish that mates for life

Is Alaska's first butterfly species in decades an ancient hybrid?

The dynamics of poverty and disease

East coast's rapidly rising seas explained

Meet the world's deadliest due


Scholarly publications

A critical cultural analysis: The portrayal of women in the Los Angeles Times 

Gnovis Journal/ Georgetown University 


My Reddit AMA on science writing! 









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